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Start a Healthcare Business in Any State. Phone us at: 800.214.2611 or visit our website at: and schedule a consultation today. We specialize in helping ordinary people reach extraordinary business goals. Specifically, we develop behavioral programs, policies and procedures necessary to start organizations such as the residential group home (adult and children), medical and non-medical home care and staffing agencies, adult day programs, companion care agencies, transportation companies, etc. Initiated with the aim to provide invaluable service to community businesses, we utilize our resources, expertise and connections to go the extra mile to help our clients achieve outstanding business success.
Additionally, our agency assists with achieving Medicaid Waiver Certification, Non-Profit status (501c3) and resolving compliance issues.
Learn How to Start a Group Home | Group Home Consultant Services. No longer do you have to settle for second-hand information regarding starting a community based or personal care business. Our consultants are well seasoned and helped define this industry. Get a consultation and see for yourself.